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“What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” Mark 9:23

Simply put this is what’s in my spirit this evening: it’s your call! You my friends can create your world, just BELIEVE!

One of my favorite photos of our beloved Courtney was snapped during one of our recent summer evenings spent at Historic Yorktown,Va. The evening was perfect. The overcast sky allowed us to sit comfortably on the beach and not roast in the sweltering heat. We enjoyed our sandwiches, I read and truly appreciated being outdoors watching all of the interactions. With my camera in hand I was ready for any Kodak moment that might occur. I was not disappointed.

Courtney and Papa (as he fondly refers to Ricky) built sand castles and played in the water. Courtney even made several new friends. From the looks of this photo it appears as though Courtney is assisting with creating the York River. I was prompted to do some of my own creating with this “Believe billboard” on Values.com.

I thank God for creativity and always making his word relevant!

It’s Another Wonderful Day!

Sharing in Faith,Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Inspirational Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises





Dr. Saundra Cherry has continued building a historic legacy!
The mission of the James A. Fields House, Inc. is to promote the historical, educational, and cultural legacy of Americans of African heritage in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia; to support tourism In Virginia; and to restore and preserve the landmark of the first black hospital in the city of Newport News, Virginia (Whittaker Memorial Hospital) through educational programs and historical tours within the Hampton Roads area.

Address: 617 27th Street, Newport News, VA 23607

Phone Number: (757) 245-1991 (757) 245-1991

Email: jafieldshouse@hotmail.com

A Blessedness of Believing Series: Youtube Tribute to Elder Greg Cherry

Dr. Saundra Cherry has gracefully embraced her late husband’s, Elder Greg Cherry’s passion and dedication of preserving the noble legacy of James Apostle Fields an ex-slave, educator, graduate of Hampton Normal & Agricultural Institute, legislator, attorney, and home owner where the first African American Hospital in Newport, News existed).

Elder Greg Cherry (1955-2007) was a passionate historian who dreamed of acquiring the historic James Apostle Fields House before a demolition crew was scheduled to level this important landmark. Elder Cherry continually petitoned the City of Newport News for three years regarding his ownership of an important piece of Virginia’s African American history. Elder Cherry successfully acquired the James A. Fields House. In that year of 2000, the Cherry’s began restoring the house and thus began a labor of love and committment dedicated to educating a community regarding the treasure that had withstood years of neglect.

 Today, there is a continued need for the greater community to support the James A. Fields House. Dr. Saundra Cherry remains faithful and dedicated to the vision of preserving this historic landmark and museum located in Newport News, VA. She is compelled to carry on the legacy in order that future generations will continue to appreciate and celebrate the amazing life of James Apostle Fields. We’re extremely grateful for Elder Greg Cherry’s zeal and love for life, history, culture and the arts. And more importantly, we salute Dr. Saundra Cherry for continuing to build upon the legacy of a noble man.

As a result of the Cherry’s outpouring of love and preservation, the James A. Fields House is listed on the Virginia Landmark Register, the National Register of Historic Places, and the Virginia Civil War Trails. Museum visitors have a unique opportunity to experience firsthand what the turn of the century life resembled for African Americans living in in Newport News. We hope many more will follow Virginia’s Trails leading to the James A. Fields House embrace this passionate mission and support the vision!

Expressing Thanksgiving & Joy!
Linda Mose Meadows, Author & Inspirational Columnist:
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises




Poplar Lawn Park,
Sycamore Street
Petersburg, Virginia

Thanks for your support Brother Charles!
The Lord has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.”
Psalm 126:3

The Mayor of Petersburg,
The Honorable Annie M. Nickens

 The overcast skies had to give way to the warmth, fervor and excitement felt throughout the day for the wonderful festivities of the:

2009 Life Through Literature

held today, October 10, 2009.

Author, Linda Mose Meadows joyfully

 participated in the

 Author’s Pavillion

 Author with  the Mayor of Petersburg, VA,
The Honorable Annie M. Mickens

It was indeed an awesome community literary event! Kudos to City of Petersburg, Mayor Annie M. Mickens, the Petersburg Public Library System, its sponsors and a host of vendors, literary characters and some soulful entertainers!

Wonderful, wonderful is just what this day was. It was exhilarating to be in the company of such esteemed authors as: Karen Winston (Lindula Finds Joy), John Bryan (Take Me Fishing), Amina Luqman-Dawon (Afro-Americans of Petersburg), Elvetrice Parker Belches (Black America Series: Richmond), Charles Lee (Preacher Man), Walton Graham (Critter Crossing), Rev. Angel E. White (In the Beginning God) and my wonderful friend: Editor and Founder of Tools For Life, Ronette Jacobs. These authors were provided an opportunity to showcase their projects and publications. We shared our literary publishing experiences, read excerpts of our work and entertained questions. It was an opportunity to learn, share and celebrate a realized dream.

Children and adults had a ball interacting with Dr. Sesus’ Cat In The Hat and Curious George mascots. Books galore were available to everyone! It was a book lovers haven. Everyone was encouraged to take as many books as their arms could carry! No doubt Poplar Lawn Park was the perfect sight to host an upbeat family friendly event. The overall atmosphere chased the gray clouds away and graciously invited the sun to stay a while, beckoned authors to continue framing and building their works and conveyed to book lovers that The Petersburg Library has a heart purposed for literacy enrichment!

Was this community appreciative? Just ask the little boy walking with his tiger painted face, wearing his unique ballon crown and clutching his precious book? I am sure his answer is a resounding, “Yep!” Surely it was evident to on-lookers as the little guy walked with his own book glued to his little face. Friends, it’s confirmation enough for me-that books delight and enrich us!

I knew that if the festival event planners needed a report card or an indicator for sucess, they only needed to visually survey the park particpants and note that practically everyone gleefully held several books; free books of their own choosing. Books that they’d take home and call their own! I contend that indeed the 2009 Life Through Literature Festival was a super success! Job well done!


Shared in Joy,

Linda Mose Meadows,

 Author & Columnist:

The Blessedness of Believing

 A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons

And God’s Promises (Tate Publishing, Nov.2007)


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