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Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that

you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous

person has great power and produces wonderful results.

James 5:16

 Friends this is my birthday season, can’t believe that another year

has come and gone. I’m a Flag Day baby. Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s a

big deal was made of this day, we marched happily through the school

corridors, wearing our patriotic red, white and blue paper crafted hats

and each student was presented with their very own miniature American flag.

After our symbolic march to the patriotic music by John Philip Sousa

it was then my turn to distribute treats to my class mates and relish that

my birthday had special significance. That’s been many years ago.

But I still enjoy a big deal being made of my birthday, truly

I get giddy with joy about the attention and especially love giving gifts

to my friends as well. This season of my life has been filled with many

moments that were trying! But that’s no different from others. Thank God for prayer (s) that has helped

provide me/us with a very different slant on what’s occurring. I want

to give you a gift that literally keeps on giving. It’s quite

personal – a prayer resource , this book is a tangible tool in that

you can acquire it from Christian Word Ministries.

The benefits are innumerable- it will SIGNIFICANTLY bless you!

This is a guarantee! In an exaggerated accent say, “Gar-ron-tee!”


I stumbled upon this Prayer Book via the internet when I urgently

needed a healing prayer. I couldn’t find my book: Prayers That

Availeth Much that I commandeered from my brother Stevie. I was

mentally preparing for a second

diagnostic mammogram. Yes, praying but was really uncertain

and afraid regarding the outcome. My spirit hungered for relief.

Never do I order anything on the internet, on this occasion

I moved past my reservations and ordered the free Prayer Book

and just like clockwork it arrived right on time. The more prayers

and affirmations I read, the more comfort I experienced.


Friends this is an invaluable resource that you will come to

greatly appreciate! It really is free from Christian Word Ministries!

They even invite you to download the book. The affirmations, scriptures,

prayers and so much more-are at your reach and will assure you, aide in

shoring up your prayer life and enhancing your faith journeys all the more.

My spirit reminds me of Philippians 4:6-8 (New King James Version) and says,

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication,

with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the

peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your

hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever

things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just,

whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever

things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is

anything praiseworthy–meditate on these things.


It’s a must have for your inspirational bookshelves.

By no means does it replace your bibles. This book ushers you

to further lean on God’s word and power!

Check out the website:




and be sure to read the many testimonies, mine is there as well:

(Giving Thanks for You, Feb.21, 2007).


Blessings to the many prayer partners, especially those seeking

God’s divine direction. Three words attached with the bow on this gift are:

Application, Application, and Application! Apply scriptures

in the mighty name of Jesus and give feet/action to your faith!

This birthday I can attest that prayer is a healing balm for the soul.

I am a witness. I believe that we aren’t praying in vain and

God is always in our midst. Don’t hold back friends, in prayer

I encourage you to share with Him your heart! At the risk of sounding

like a broken record the Prayer Book is awesome!

March on y’all, march on in Jesus’ name!

God Has Not Forgotten

Kirk Franklin & Tonex


Linda Mose Meadows is an Inspirational Columnist for

Urban Views Weekly, Empower Magazine and Author of:

The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s

Lessons and God’s Promises, Blogger:

Celebrating Ordinary Days With Extraordinary Promises &

The Blessedness of Believing and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine:






Send forth your light and your truth,
let them guide me;
let them bring me to your holy mountain,
to the place where you dwell.
Then will I go to the altar of God,
to God,
my joy and my delight.
I will praise you with the harp,
O God, my God.
Psalm 43: 3-4

Simply put, Saturday was truly a terrific day! There’s no other way to describe this past Saturday, September 12, 2009! The weather as delightful, just perfect! No jackets, no umbrellas required!

First stop was Barnes and Noble for my book signing and then off to Richmond, VA./ Glen Allen to accompany my friend, Linda who was conducting an interview of the bookclub: Elite Literary Guild for her Urban Views Weekly column. It was a blessing all the way around! Meeting the bookclub members and being reacquainted with their President: Michelle Bolden-Carter, Carol and introduced to Tina and the other members was super. They were gracious enough to extend their official meeting time which allowed me to share the dynamics regarding the birth of my devotional: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and my joy about being the inspirational columnist for Urban Views Weekly. I felt so fortunate and realized this was a look at God Moment! They encouraged my spirit by being so receptive to my testimony.

I was “home” again at Barnes and Noble New Town Shops in Williamsburg, VA. This was the site of my very first book signing in January 2008. It’s a very comforting atmosphere for me. The managers and staff are genuinely caring and warm. No shortage of smiles and customer service announcements.

Friends and new acquaintances stopped by. I was so happy to see them. Their enthusiasm about acquiring my devotional was a love letter from heaven. During these stressful economic times, folks are counting their dollars and certainly don’t have to be supportive nor generous. So I knew God had sent them all my way. Grateful is what I am!
And then the surprise came! In my spirit I felt God pronounce that I wasn’t there for me! I sat still for a moment and reflected on what the Holy Spirit had expressed. “Yes, Lord.” Instantly, I understood. No, God hadn’t forfeited his love for me, nor his blessing of this occasion; but instead desired that my focus move from self. I then understood the true Barnes & Noble mission of the day was to have an ear to listen and a heart to receive and then encouragement another soul-as best I could that God is active and available to each of us! It was divine orchastration. I was willing and God was present! Oh my friends, it’s risky being transparent but, it’s not about us!
May He shower you with His ever lasting LOVE!
Sharing in Faith,
Linda Mose Meadows, Inspirational Columnist & Author:
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises




“Set out each day believing in your dreams.

Know without a doubt that you were made for amazing things.”

—Josh Hinds; motivational speaker, author
The values we live by are worth morewhen we pass them on.
©2009 Values.com

Yes, yes that’s the truth Josh Hinds (hands up, high five) we were made for amazing things. You must have met Jaynee’s bright, bubbly children? The Holy Ghost has once again demonstrated another spiritual lesson through Jaynee’s gifted children and The Foundation For A Better Life’s selected quote from the motivational speaker Mr. Josh Hinds.

These youngsters were recently featured on the Richmond’s lifestyle news cover of Urban Views Weekly. They are celebs, yes; super stars, and it’s evident. Remember God brings home his point however he chooses. I’d like to think that Julian and Tamara are our pin-up’s for FAITH IN ACTION!  Their conversations exude greatness. After happily chatting with them about their debut cover they and their Mom consented to my taking their picture of them holding the news paper. We all giggled and celebrated at the irony of this moment. Imagine it starts as thought-a vision, a “what if”

Don’t you see it? I know you do! Their photo expresses God’s character and essence. It’s as though their smiles are saying, “See what happens when you trust and believe God?”

Indeed, blessings and dreams do materialize for all of us and even spill over into the lives of others. Think of the bucket filled with water that usually splashes out as you walk ackwardly which then leaves a trail of water. Same principles applies with our faith journey. The water can’t be contained, your feet, the ground, the floor, the dog, wherever you are moving benefits and experiences the water fall or spill. As Hinds states we were made for amazing things and the domino effect begins. Our water shed experiences touch and impact many circles-circles and lives we’re not even aware of. The world has the opportunity to witness and contemplate God’s favor.

So, what are you believing God for?

Can it happen?

Scripture assures us of that in due season it surely can and will!

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered  into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
1 Corinthians 2: 9

Tamara & Julian are living proof that the combination of faith and confidence produce outstanding results. Thanks for the divine confirmation kids, we’ll apply your school of thought. Come on friends, let’s get busy and watch God do even greater things for us and our generations to come!

“Hey where’s my Urban Views? “Wait kids, I’m next in line for your autographs, sign right here please! “

Shared With Great JOY!
Linda Mose Meadows, Columnist and Inspirational author of:
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

(Tate Publishing, Nov. 2007).

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