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  “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places in secure homes,

in undisturbed places of rest.”
Isaiah 32:18

 I am searching high and low for the right combination of spices. Initially it was not my choice to be so selective, but now I am making a conserted effort to eat better, consume more low fat items and really taste the food. My nurse practioner wasn’t playing with me! She pulled no punches when she shared my health diagnosis, presented her leaflets, a variety of moderate diets, retrieved my sample medications, and then provided me with a compartmentalized plastic dish. My husband was having a good time, teasing me about not jamming my lunch in the compartments. It was really funny but, I tried to ignore him and that smart statement. This tupperware instructional dish accompanied explicit instructions about portion control. Before long tears began to flow because I knew this was my call to get my health in order. I’d have to abandon my Chinese Buffets for now. Just days before that medical visit I agreed that mentally I would stop being in deniale about my weight gain and get proactive about being healthier. Never imagined it would be sooner than later. My health prognosis with that recent mental declaration were now the alarm clock for my wakeup call!

In order to make progress my thinking must change! Are you there also?
Daily, I’m encouraged by the improvement in my health with new a renewed mindset and deliberate choices. It’s my hope that longevity and a better quality of life are in my forecast.Friends what really warmed my heart and encouraged my soul was my recent visit to Farm Fresh grocery store. In their isle with baking items my eyes caught a creatively wrapped jar that contained cinammon and sugar! This wasn’t the spice I’d purchase, but God knew I needed to see this. Let me explain.
Growing up my mother would create this exact sugar and cinammon combination in a small jar and sprinkle it on our buttered toast. Was it ever tasty! The melted butter on the warm toast with the sugar and cinammon delighted our tummies! Our Mama was so good about providing us wholesome baked goods on a meager income. Mexican wedding cakes, chocolate chip cookies, biscuits, graham crackers with a wedge of ice cream ,”ice cream sandwiches”, popcorn poped on the stove were the usual treats. My mother desired that we’d have cookies and snacks like other children and made sure that she’d provide us with that as she was stretching her dollars. Many, many cold and snowy Buffalo mornings, we’d enjoy cinammon toast with hot oatmeal before going to stand outdoors to wait for the school bus. Days that would now be considered “snow days” simply meant dress for the occassion and get out there and go to school!

How I wished my brothers had been with me at Farm Fresh to laugh and tease about more of our childhood memories. For a moment I was surrounded by my family . Their love was tremendously assuring. In search of a simple jar of spice, I was met with a loving flood of comforting memories. I felt so much better about many things while pushing my grocery cart.
“Lord I thank you that in the midst of our current affairs, you provide us with nuggets of joy to hold on to faith which spur us on to keep living! “
“Thank you for the many acts of kindness
and love we’ve received.
We realize that love and family are the spice of life!
We give you the honor and glory!”

Have a good day!

Appreciating You!
Linda Mose Meadows, Columnist & Author:
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

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