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One of the “gift” books on work table:

 His Children by Anita Schiller, photographer and Susan Noyes Anderson, poet

there’s wisdom here the power of three

 the power of surf and sand and sea

 the power to kneel upon the ground

 the power to build on something sound

the power to feel that nothing ends the power of three

the power of friends

 the power of surf and sand and sea there’s wisdom here

the power of three

Some finds are priceless. That awesome leather bag you discover at your favorite TJ Maxx store makes you want to break out in a dance. A red dress drastically marked down and then the 75% discount on top of that was waiting just for you-oh that’s divine! The beautifully decorated brown and turquoise journal and box of humorous gift cards discovered underneathe the pile contsruction paper poking out in view for your eyes only. Or that tray of perrenials at your Home Depot that you happened upon because you needed those energy efficient bulbs, and just before you make your way to the check out line, youn dart over to garden wares. Your whistling, humming and dancing because of your garden discounts! The treasures we stumble upon when we least expect them are wonderful and so easy on our wallets. You haven’t broken the bank and the retail therapy was just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, it is really one of the sweetest feeling being able to indulge yourself when you least expect it.

I have discovered a treasure trove right there at work and there are no costs and long shopping lines. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked by the table stationed next to the vending machine and rarely looked at the items on top the table. This table isn’t ornately designed, skirted with a banner, nor display. It’a like the can of cookies on top the fridge and no one notices the contents. You see the can in the same location, but seldom shake the can to examine the goodies. Try it-it really works.

Weekly there are new books on top the table. They are “freebies!” Inconspicuosly in the open! Yes, it’s really an oxymoron. In plain sight there are a several books. If you paid no attention, you’d think they were text books. Not so. These are wonderful books: word puzzles, mysteries, novels, how-to-books, cookbooks, children’s books and inspirational selections. Gently used and brand new books. One day I quickly glanced and then stopped, I was having a “Barnes & Noble” moment and just giggled with sheer delight. The identity of the book fairy is unknown.

The books are here today and then gone. But the treasure is always replenished. It’s a book lovers dream! I feel very fortunate and blessed by the donors generosity and am extremely thankful for the unexpected gifts. My personal work library has flourished-it brings me joy! In the midst of a rushed workday, I can slow down for a moment, reach for a wonderful book, learn how to create a wreathe, marvel at artwork, celebrate with a poem, or escape through the photographers’ lense and just be still and breathe because of a priceless gift.

From My Heart to Yours,

Linda Mose Meadows, Inspirational Columnist & Author

The Blessedness of Believing

A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises



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