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” Do not merely listen to the word…Do what it says.”


James 1:22  

Are you looking forward to a shorter work week and half day on Wednesday? I sure am! Many of us will exit our offices in a frenzy at noon rushing to our favorite markets, department stores, super shopping centers and the like to prepare for our Thanksgiving Holiday! It’s a blessed day of football games (arm chair quarterbacks can experience a football over load), friends and family gathering and let’s not overlook the wonderful meals and abundance of mouth-watering desserts.

Scores of folks will be headed to far away destinations flying the friendly skies, and zooming down the highways in route to home. Loving arms will await their anticipated arrival.

But, the flip side is that there will be many that won’t have the financial means for a lavish meal. Broken hearted and abandoned souls will also be searching for shelter and a decent meal because home is nonexistent and certainly not a safe haven! Just possibly the news will be filtered to them regarding neighboring Soup Kitchens, community centers and/or churches that are distributing turkeys, providing hot meals, food baskets and/or warm winter clothing. The lines will be long and deep!

I believe through giving we can actively participate in the success of these endeavors. I’d like to think this is where we can make our holiday planning complete through our charitable gifts and donations.

  • My prayer is that you’ll commit to helping to provide the essential resources to improve the quality of life for others. It’s as simple as keeping your eyes and ears open for your community churches, synagogues, food banks, nonprofit and human service agencies that desire donations and/or volunteers.
  • Organizations with the intention of extending a helping hand can certainly benefit from your support. Let “ love and charity” be your motivating factor. They’ll be listed in your telephone directories or simply Google lists of human service agencies in your vicinities-you’ll be surprised at the list that will pop up!
  • United Way also awaits your call. They have a directory of agencies and knowledge about services which need volunteers, services, financial support, and gifts. Your community will be so appreciative of you. Organizations like Back to Basics Ministries in De Land, Florida and Buffalo, New York are all a phone call away!
  • It’s time to celebrate the season with thankful and reflective hearts-our  open hands and shared gifts make going home for the holidays so sweet!

Go on and spread more joy, more love and I’ll see you in the produce section at Kroger’s! Leave some fresh cranberries for me!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! God bless you!
Shared In Love-Keep hope in your hearts,

Linda Mose Meadow, Inspirational Columnist & Author:

The Blessedness of Believing

A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises



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