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Then the Lord restored the fortunes of[a] Zion,
    \we were like those who dreamed.[b]  
 Our mouths were filled with laughter,
     our tongues with songs of joy.

Then it was said among the nations,
    “The Lord has done great things for them.”

 The Lord has done great things for us,

    and we are filled with joy Psalm 126:1-3
The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut’s Service of New Ministry
St. Luke’s noble ancestors and elders,established June 1844
Father Richard Dean Meadows, Jr (Priest) and Sister Linda Meadows (wife)
 Rev. Matthew L. Brown,
Pastor, Teacher
(Homilist for Occasion delivered a
powerful message of hope and faithful conviction!)
Regal Processional for Installation
 Applauds from congregation
and The Rt. Reverend Laura J. Ahrens, Suffragan Bishop
during the introduction of St. Luke’s 17th priest of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Father Richard D. Meadows, Jr. and “Joyous” Family
Masterful interpretative dance:
“The Journey to Calling”
by Wes Yarbor
Gospel Medley by Rev. Paulette Thompson-Clinton
I Believe I Can Fly, St. Luke’s Steel Band
*”Dearest St. Luke’s Family,
My husband requested that I share a note with you and today it seems that I’d rather sing then write. In my spirit I am singing because finally we’ve arrived at home inConnecticut with you. It’s refreshing and assuring that you also can attest to this! It’s an enthusiasm that seems to be bubbling up! It’s that giddy, offbeat, joyous song about a new day which has evidenced the “goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!” Sandwiched in my spirit are many songs from the traditional to the rousing musical numbers acknowledging that we’ve come this far by faith-all to the glory of God.
Not long ago I traveled with my husband to Hartford, he was conducting business with The Episcopal Diocese ofConnecticut. When he invited me along, originally I thought of it as “tagging along”- an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and simply marvel at the fall foliage! This “joy ride” was reminiscent of our past excursions which always seemed to evolve into something much deeper. My hunches were right! Once again it was much more than I could have imagined! After our quick arrival we met and greeted the warm Diocesan staff and before long, we were perusing the aisles of Connecticut’s parish publications, clergy resources and mounds of historic documents.
In The welcome mat was rolled out and there we sat in the historic archives, marveling at the huge collection of books, artifacts and the treasure trove of documents highlighting St. Luke’s amazing heritage. And then it was apparent this was God’s intention! His intended mission that we travel to the Diocesan Archives and see the elder’s vision “up close” on paper, in weathered photographs and be humbled by their massive mission, appreciate their struggles, their  victories and grasp a greater understanding of the immensity of this call to serve St. Luke’s! It was a field trip that I would forever honor. It was as though a flood gate of enlightenment burst while we huddled together reading newspaper clippings, clergy accounts and letters written in the 1800’s, all of it was mesmerizing!  After my husband met with the Bishop I began scouring over the  insightful articles, gazing upon the aged black and white photos, learning of the past church rectors, noted vestry and energetic parishioners.
We were entreated with informative community news, birth announcements, salutations and memorabilia. Loyal and loving seemed to resonate in my spirit. God was once again ordering our steps and giving us a glimpse into how St. Luke’s foundation was layered with dedicated ancestors and a community collectively endeavoring to forge their way leaving an indelible imprint not only in New Haven, the surrounding community but, also Haiti. It’s no wonder we are such an outstanding parish. Oh it gives me such pride and exhilaration that now this HBCU graduate and post VTS seminarian stands on the shoulders of forthright, determined, and insightful individuals.  They were prayer warriors- movers and shakers of their era (affecting us today). Now we will stand confidently with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s 17th Rector, Rev. Father Richard Dean Meadows, Jr. and continue in carving out our history’s next chapters. Yes, our stories will be filled with the complexities of our day, but we will journey with Jesus, shepherded and growing spiritually. In our assured faith walk we’ll be confident that he’s lead of the Lord. And it won’t just be a leisurely ride, but prayerfully an amazing mission.
We are a mission intent on providing intentional ministry for generations to come-erecting lives, loving the Lord and serving our neighbors. Oh St. Luke’s, I thank God for merging our paths and our hearts believing together with a prayerful countenance that with God all things are possible! Oh it’s wonderful to be in the hands of the Lord, come on family let’s sing to the Lord a new song, written for our time.
Trusting in God’s Peace and Blessings,
Linda Mose Meadows”

Shared in Love, Linda Mose Meadows; Blogger, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Author of: Destined To Receive: Reflections and Devotionals Celebrating The Love of God (Createspace, 2013) and Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises (Tate Publishing, 2007) 

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