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Richard and Linda Meadows @ Kittyhawk
This is surely what happens when we have time on our hands, we create what our heart longs to express. Sounds good right? Well, I’d like to think this is accurate. When I can, I do really love creating cards, scouting out fabric for pillows and curtains, writing devotionals, and trying to express myself artistically. This is essential for my wellbeing! If I could really paint and sing I’d be dangerous! But, I do realize some of my limitations. Today, I had some wonderful “me” time. I baked a mean eggplant parmesan, and finished my video quilt too. Christmas break has been very theraputic. God knows how good I feel. I’ve been trying to compile photos, select just the right music and discover scripture that expressed my sentitment for love. This evening I finally finished what I started several weeks ago. My 11th Wedding Anniversary Celebration video is now on my accomplished list! I am very pleased with the concluding frame, I think it speaks volumes about our spiritual journey.
It’s no secret that I am enjoying creating youtube videos. I believe each video celebrates the developmental milestones and the relationship hurdles that God beautifully helps us to navigate. We are never exempt from struggles, especially in our marriages. This sacred relationship can be extremely complex and difficult. Healing is always in order.
I pray you’ll be further encouraged by my sharing through The Blessedness of Believing Devotionals, my Urban Views Weekly Inspirational Columns and the Faithauthorlindam Youtube Channel whichconvey that we are evolving into the spiritually enlightened persons God desires us to be. When you have the opportunity to share your testimonies, don’t hesitate! Your growth experiences can absolutely benefit us all!
Several weeks ago Ricky and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary, here’s the sentiment of my video quilt:

God’s love for all of us abides. We as believers in the Gospel are tremendously grateful for scripture that conveys this truth. (For I know the plans I have for you….Jer. 29:11) Not only is this a musical tribute and celebration of God’s love for the sacred union of marriage, but; also a shared appreciation that Richard and I have for each other. Join us as we
continue to journey together in a special loving relationship realizing that with the Lord’s direction, He can make all things new. Friends, we simply  need to trust and follow God’s lead!

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