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Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only to stand still
Chinese Proverb

This week has been very outstanding one for me! When my grandmother hugged me in the doctor’s waiting room, it was priceless. It’s my turn to be the shoulder she can rest upon and does it feel divine! Lord thank you! Also, I learned that I was in the spot light twice this week one with sharing my intimate thoughts on Precious Memories’ Author’s Spot Light and the other with being introduced as the featured Inspirational Author in Urban Views Weekly! Not that I.m so good and accomplished. I am learning to hold tight to my fath and wait it out! It’s a testament to the indwelling divine. So many wonderful opportunities to be realized. It’s not only me climbing, but the circle of loved ones that lifted my weary soul when I just didn’t see how! There were days an encouaging word spoken at the right time changed my heart and mind!
I am greatful to the prayer covering over my life and the many blessings that are evident! It’s really not about me but the Christ that resides in me and you! All we endure is really is for our good; it molds us for the days ahead.
Seeing my family and learning that God’s mighty and outstretched hand was readily visisble for me. It’s a gift I share with you: these spotlights becasue it’s nothing I could have orchastrated! It’s divine, straight from the throne room of heaven. I implore you to trust and confidently believe that your dreams will be birthed! God will doing exceedingly and abundantly more than you’d ever imagine. Let me be your blessed poster woman. Here are the two spotlights that speak to God’s goodness and what it means for me to be an inspirational author and columnist! I say, “Look at God!” He’s right here!

From My Heart To Yours,
Linda Mose Meadows, Your Friend In Christ!

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