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Word4Word Poets
@ Aroma’s Cafe
Newport News,VA.
“My sheep har My voice ad I know them, and they follow Me.”
John 10:27


 Yes,this was truy a Kodak Moment! My camera wasn’t in arms reach,when I returned ready to snap pictures, my cardinal had flown away. But what was truly surprising happended moments later when. I opened my dining room curtains and there on a Holly Tree branch was a Blue Jay perched and peering back at me. The bird knew I wanted to snap his picture and proceeded to give me an acrobatic arial show. No sucess with snapping his antics but I recognized this as a splendid moment. Then the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart that when we see the divine, see God’s imprint, His outstretched hand in our simplistic lives, if we’re rushing we forfeit the opportunity to celebrate the Divine-celebrate God with us! Do we know Him? Do we understand that He’s been in our presence? Can we recogize Him in the ordinary? I surely hope so, because witnessing Him is a gift from heaven!
 Would I know Him If I Saw Him?
Linda Mose Meadows (01/2010)

Linda Mose Meadows,
Inspirational Urban Views Weekly Columnist and Author of :
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

Standing on the cold linoleum kitchen floor,

Gazing out the back window,

Wrapped up in my heavy sweater,

No thoughts dominating another.

Just enjoying,

Enjoying my refudge,

Enjoying my sanctuary-home!

A sweet, easy Sunday afternoon,

My white, now gray warn sweater,

Hugs my weary body.

The atmosphere whispers,

“Rest, don’t you dare rush!”

“Move easy, don’t be hasty!”

Sipping warm chocolatey joy,

This is the long awaited elixir!

Delightfully perched,

The holly tree branches bend-sway,

Appearing so regal-so assured in your feathered coat of cobalt blue and steel gray,

You beckoned me to watch,

Witness your undisturbed perch.


Pulling back my curtain, I applauded your presence.

Thank you, You are here!

And low and behold,

Another friend.

“Good Afternoon,Cardinal what brings you here?”

“Could this be the hallow ground that awaits us?”

And then it dawned on me,

Would I know Him if I saw him?

The Lover of My Soul, the Lifter of My Head!

Sun streaming,

Leaves twirling,

Crisp air moving.

Birds fluttering,

Stillness hovering?

Would I hear Him in my steps?

Feel Him in the atmosphere?

Hear Him in my breathing?

Reverence Him the quiet?

Witness Him in Nature?

Or rush past Him in haste?

Today, I know Him,

Acknowledge, notice the Divine,

Marvel at His presence.

You are truly here!

My poem:Would I know Him If I Saw Him was shared at the Word4Word Open Mic this past Tuesday evening at Aromas Cafe in Newport News. I was inspired to write and share days before this event. Was it ever good theraphy-sitting amongst kindred spirits loving poetry, writing their stories, unashamedly sharing their voices and experiences! There’s power in these prose! No negativity, just acceptance and partaking in an honestly exhilerating evening! What a great way to conclude a workday.

The inception of my poem occured on Sunday afternoon. It was really a crisp, wintery feeling day. There was no snow, but it was certainly cold. I stood in my kitchen, wearing my favorite warn sweater and just enjoyed gazing out the window. There was nothing particularly interesting at that moment. But then I noticed a fire engine red furry ball moving, or so it appeared. As I looked closer, I realized it was a Cardinal playing in a pile of leaves. What a wonderful sight. This was a first for me, witnessing this.

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