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“Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it.
Autograph your work with excellence.”
Friends, I feel encouraged to make this announcement, as it’s said from many pulpits, “I won’t be before you long.” I realize this isn’t a pulpit, but possibly this is my court side seat. Please chuckle and let me explain!
I’m compelled to say, don’t you dare discount a living soul, and that includes yourselves on what your personal outcome will be. The outcome, that’s the operative word that the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to explore today. Yes, I am referring to the outcome for your success in reaching your goals and living out your dreams.

During my morning drive into work, I listened to my favorite TJMS- Tom Joyner Morning Show, and sure enough they were talking basketball. Because I’ve enjoyed viewing most weekday evenings Best of 7- NBA Division Finals, I paid attention to the comments. I think I know a little something about basketball now (my husband schools me on the plays and techniques). But I really do admit I’ve got a long way to learn, but I am having a great time in my living room cheering, laughing, screaming and jeering! My team is the Boston Celtics and now I recognize and know many of the player’s names. Now I say to my husband, “Hey they need to put House in the game!” “Hey they are trying to rough up Allen!” “Wait, wait why’d he shoot the ball under the rim?” “They’re double teaming Davis!” “Look out Pierce, Go Marbury, show them what you got fellas!” Oh do I have a great time viewing the games, the strategic court executions and the amazing strategy!
It’s art, yes poerty in motion!
But what’s key is, the teams must bring their Bring their ‘A’ Games, they must be driven and hungry enough to succeed! We win if we don’t give up! Sometimes the victory occurs when we least expect it.
And as I heard the radio personalities, sports jocks and commenting listeners it was apparent that no one can predict the outcome of who will win the prize, and who takes home the spoils. That’s the beauty of it all.

Ask the victorious Houston Rockets! I understand that their win wasn’t forecasted or even presumed. Oh yes, even their fans, doubted the hometown boys and the sports commentators with their facts and stats had ruled this “odd man out team! “
Hey remember the entire story hasn’t been told ! But God!!
But with God all things are possible! He’ll show you off to the world! Yesterday the Houston Rockets trounced the LA Lakers. The Lakers never anticipated being overpowered. The final score of 95 to 80 resulted.
As our friend Craig says. “Who knew?” My answer, “God surely did!”
Feel free to relive this historic game on the websites below. Friends together as we read and view the videos below, let’s tuck Mark 2 in our heart,! Be sure to bring your game face, along with your ‘A’ Game to life’s challenge.
Our ‘A’ Game attitude and a spirit of assurance are the indicators that today we’re coming with it! What is it, well my friends- it is a heart to win no matter what others may say or think! Go Rockets; Go Celtics, Go Team, Go!
Blessing s to you all!

…”May God be praised forever and ever!
He is wise and powerful. 21 He changes times and seasons.
He sets up kings.
He removes them from power.
The wisdom of those who are wise comes from him.
He gives knowledge to those who have understanding.”

Mark 2; 20.21

Sharing With Great Joy,
Linda Mose Meadows, Author
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises (Tate, Nov. 2007)http://blessednessofbelieving.blogspot.com/

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