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Friends are the precious gems that God gives us!
They should be treasured!
Linda Mose Meadows

I am feeling slightly better. Several days ago my blood pressure was very elevated, and then a peristant pain in my neck developed! It had been unbearable! I thought I was experiencing a stroke. After being out of work for 2 days and several emergency room visits, I thank God I wasn’t having a stroke but severe muscle strain. I am following up with my physican. But something is happening that I am not really addressing, that’s the loss of my friend. I am grieving! She’s gone and it’s hard to accept. So I too am wondering about my demise and how fragile and speedily life moves. But more importantly I am publically acknowledging that friends are the precious gems that God gives us. Yes, they should be treasured.

My husband who’s my spiritual physician shared this Youtube video of praise & worship just a few moments ago-I followed his advice and did get up and dance. That was excellent medicine. I believe he hit the nail on head when he said that I was feeling very down because of my friend Brenda. She recently died in her sleep. My heart is truly broken and I constantly think of her life, moments we’ve shared and her sons growing up with Mike and what values and work ethic she and Lance instilled in them. Ricky reminded me that I must do something to honor her (as I’d recently referenced in my Grief article). “Honey take your own medicine!” These were the words of wisdom-some sound advice.

Friends, I am the queen of encouraging others. His advice was priceless. I must let God speak to my grieving heart and honor Benda’s life. I will do something special. She loved teaching, was an avid reader and an innovative super mother and good friend. Today, right now in this moment, I’ll worship the Lord and ask Him for guidance on how I should pay honor to my dear sister friend, Brenda McKenzie! Thank you Lord for her life and love shown! Celebration is in order!

Psalm 95: 1-7

(New International Reader’s Version)

Come, let us sing with joy to the Lord.

Let us give a loud shout to the Rock who saves us.

Let us come to him and give him thanks.

Let us praise him with music and song.

The Lord is the great God.

He is the greatest King.

He rules over all of the gods.

He owns the deepest parts of the earth.

The mountain peaks belong to him.

The ocean is his, because he made it.

He formed the dry land with his hands.

Come, let us bow down and worship him.

Let us fall on our knees in front of the Lord our Maker.

He is our God.

We are the sheep belonging to his flock.


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Linda Mose Meadows, Author
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