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“Optimism is the foundation of courage.”

Nicholas Murray Butler (1862-1947) Philosopher, Educator, Diplomat

Are you ready for the possibilities? No, it’s not just another cute cliché but for many of us, a very pertinent question. We are facing tough challenges, many of which are unspeakable.  And yes we are at the crossroads of life. It seems too costly, too time consuming for making decisions without first thinking things through. Not to mention we are tired of mistake after mistake. But stuff happens even with our best planning! Our Best plans can be consumed with the breakdown or dissolving of relationships, bumpy hurdles, mental/emotional fatigue and anguish by the cup full. Then it’s a battle against confusion ruling our thinking and earth shattering occurrences wrestling us continually. We are literally shifting our perspectives and modus operandi because of life’s uncertainties. These uncertainties with their deep rooted implications often impact us all spiritually, morally and ethically. The impact is often startling. It’s a dismantling that may forever change us. But, although it may feel like we are on shaky ground never to rebound–it’s just that a feeling! Lord knows we need to look upward and inward!

One of my favorite poets, Nathan Richardson posed the question that speaks of our willingness and readiness for change. It’s a barometer—our insight ( the indwelling Holy Spirit), a deep down mechanism that forecasts our being ready for all the possibilities of newness – new adventures, new thinking, new and positive relationships, new opportunities, and the plain newness of life! Yes, it’s vital to envision newness in the midst of chaos.

God promises that he’ll do a new thing in you and me! Thank goodness this promise is not predicated on circumstance.

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 KJV

Often we imply that we are ready for the possibilities, but we are not quite sure where to begin or which direction to move towards. The thing I know for sure is: we must place momentum and a resolute determination to get unstuck especially in our valley experiences. As Reverend William Feaster enjoys saying, “We must give feet to faith!” Yes, it’s imperative, we must initiate the spark! Let me share a wonderful moment which really clarifies this point.

We believed we’d come together for a house warming celebration, but God had so much more in store for us on Saturday afternoon. We entered the apartment complex’s Community Room with joy and anticipation. Our friend was a superb hostess that easily shared a heart of thanksgiving. The many guests bounced through the door each carrying a gift. The gifts opened revealed that they had been carefully and thoughtfully selected: lovely and ornately decorated ceramic canisters, a crystal platter etched with a swan, spunky kitchen and bath necessities and greeting cards filled with personal messages. It was Christmas in late summer! You could actually feel that what was occurring was the birth of something new. We were on the cusp, witnesses of God doing a brand new thing! In our active assembling what really resonated in my spirit, was that we were celebrating an end of a destructive relationship and applauding our friend’s fresh transition of stepping out on faith. We were spiritually looking forward with our dear friend to a better, more vibrant tomorrow! This was a very public acknowledgement that: You’ve survived a public humiliation and a broken heart but like a Phoenix here you stand! Now it’s time to move forward! Our presence and gifts applauded her resilience! But we knew in our heart of hearts that God had kept her safe and sane! We boldly declared with her that some relationships are toxic and staying in them serves no good purpose! God desires that we live in and with dignity! He’ll bring us through! And that we understand that there are soul ties and connections that will assuredly suffocate life and snuff out dreams. But with faith and the possibilities of hope we can all abound! This was a pivotal moment for all attendees. This was confirmation that fresh starts are possible and no it’s not easy! As gifts were opened several guests were prompted to openly share their personal victories, struggles and acknowledgements of God’s presence during some trying life episodes. The focus was about looking ahead to celebrating ordinary days with promising tomorrows.

You  too are not just a survivor, but an overcomer! Thank you Jesus!

Don’t you see friends, it’s time to change our gaze and realize peaceful safe havens, shore up our energy to scale and walk on new paths, witness new vistas and embrace new possibilities!   God will make the way, you first must make up your mind! I am thrilled about the anticipation of newness – assured in my heart of the new possibilities awaiting me and you! In my husband, Richard’s words:“Okay, possibilities, come on, I’m ready!” I pray your Easter week will resurrect new and great possibilities for you and all that concerns you! So the question remains, “Are you ready for the possibilities?”

Peace and Blessings,

Linda Mose Meadows:



http://eyesoffaithmagazine.blogspot.com/ and the author of: The Blessedness of Believing: A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises.

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