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 African Americans of Sanford

Author(s): Valada Parker Parker Flewellyn, Sanford Historical Society

ISBN: 9780738567624

# of Pages: 128  Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

  We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

We are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems.

Arthur O’ Shaughnessy British Poet (1844-1881)

 Not only is the sepia toned cover eye catching, but this selected photo from yesteryear exudes joy and appreciation! As we delved into the book: African Americans of Sanford, I fondly thought of the many photos I pored over with my Grand pop Ellsworth as he explained who was who! For a moment I was seated with Grand pop and Cousin Anna in Darnestown reminiscing about our beloved family and friends! Those worn photos entreated us a flood of precious memories that seemed to take us from here to there. These are precious moments I hold on to fondly. Reminiscing about family, love and life experiences keeps us connected and grounded. In our spirit we realize what matters.

Accomplished Storyteller, Author and Historian: Valada Parker Flewellyn has done an exemplary job gathering the many photos, researching family history and devoting precious time and energy in chronicling many of Stanford’s milestones. The contents of her work will have you exploring and wondering about those featured and where their zest for living originated. Inquiring minds want to know how they came to live in Florida and if they are alive, where are they now and how have their lives evolved? If you appreciate history, family photos and the memories connected to cherished loved ones, this is indeed the book for you!

Kudos to Mrs. Valada Parker Flewellyn for embracing and authoring: African Americans of Sanford! Her work is a beautiful account of important events and those connected to them. This is indeed a priceless document of a rich history of Floridians, proud families, individuals who contributed greatly to society and the larger community!  These folks left their indelible imprints on the landscapes of Sanford! 

Being new to Central Florida I appreciate learning about these trailblazers that helped bridge the numerous disparity gaps and encouraged many to persevere. These educators, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and many everyday folks were passionate community builders giving their time and talents in enumerable ways!  Their contributions are evidenced today! Many of them are continuing the legacy and/or have passed the progressive torch urging us to not abandon serving others!  The impact has touched the generations that are graciously benefiting. Oh my friends we must not forget the sacrifices made!

In my estimation African Americans in Sanford was surely a labor of love. We tremendously appreciate this wonderful literary experience; readers are beckoned to model purposeful living with adopting service as a personal hallmark! My family cherishes this new addition of: African Americans of Sanford to our personal heritage library collection!  Thank you to Mrs. Flewellyn and those she partnered with for erecting this diligent testament!  I pray others will acquire this literary treasure and share the legacy of igniting hope! Yes, you never know who you’ll meet, or run into while visiting Sanford and the surrounding community!

Write on Valada, thank you for your journey to Sanford and beyond, we await future treasures! There’s so much to appreciate, read, learn and share! Come on and grab hold of your 5 stars, job well done!

Celebrating Ordinary Days with Extraordinary Promises                                                      Linda Mose Meadows, Inspirational Author:
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s and God’s Promises
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