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Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21 King James Version (KJV)

It’s no accident that my experiencing Bishop Vashti McKenzies’ Praycation set my day in motion. It had a tremendous domino effect. This soul satisfying spiritual retreat with participants from varying locations was compacted into approximately 40 minutes of uplifting prayer, scripture, exhortations and testimonies that provided excellent, yes restorative fuel for life’s ongoing journey. But it truly was an elixir for the day. And it’s virtual to boot! It was by no means a passive experience, but a morning of giving and sharing! The many words spoken quenched my parched soul!

After receiving this spiritual fortification from Praycation, it was no happenstance that I’d be in a discussion with a dear friend on what it means to battle effectively; as folks would say, “Batlin hard!” in spiritual warfare. So there it was a day starting with the tools for acquiring spiritual muscle, followed by a discussion and application of taking that exercised muscle and punching the devil out instead of getting knocked out! But how? Hold on to that question friends. I believe the Holy Ghost will reveal the answer.

 Let’s fast forward to Youtube. My dear sister friend urged me to check out Juanita Bynum and Dr. Cindy Trimm as I began deliberately speaking to my trials with authority using “kingdom language.” I listened intently to the videos. It was clear that God had woven a theme throughout my aha moments for that day, and it all seemed to point in the direction of appreciating the significance of words spoken and the impact they have on us-past, present and future.

The word “impactful” not generally used, I feel is the most appropriate-from the very start of the day it was jammed packed with words reverencing God and my having divine authority to speak life into dying circumstances. We are encouraged to fashion our language with affirmations, abandoning a defeatist tone and a smoldering diatribe.

Remember your mother saying, “Watch your mouth?” Well I was a mouthy youngster and sometimes my childish remarks crossed the line and warranted correction. It’s no mystery that well intentioned words shape and color our perplexed lives! It’s a fact that praising God one moment and spewing profanity or cursing another moment will potentially rock our worlds. One remark cancels out the other!

Our world is shaken to the core with words uttered in anguish, words spouted in thanksgiving, words expressed in conviction and yes, words pronounced in declaration! Our presence is important, but our words fuel the course. We are atmosphere changers-it takes words! Yes, these words mark us. They permeate the atmosphere and set us up for eternity. Our children’s, children will know the impact. Words can empower us. Prayerfully we are now transforming our speaking and our thinking. Our thinking is aligned with the realization that God is the source and strength of our lives. These profound words can heal, but more importantly they usher in positive occurrences and improved realities are then manifested.

Ask Dennis Kimbro regarding his success and being the bestseller of : Live Your Dreams, Think and Grow Rich-he’ll tout that in his book: What Makes The Great, Great that prayer is the greatest need. The words of prayer which aide in changing our thoughts to alter our condition! There it is!

Dr. Cindy Trimm


Powerful Prayer !

 A psalm of David, regarding a time when David was in the wilderness of Judah. O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water. (NLV) Psalm 3:1

 Words, words, refreshing words! Speak and declare that “God you are my God! ” Relish in the natural and spiritual benefits of God’s Holy Word. As you break the cycle of negativity, take to heart that God’s word will not return to you void. The more scripture you study, the better inclined you’ll be to embrace transformative language and living. Be encouraged and meditate on all the attributes of a loving Lord and Savior! Dr. Cindy Trimm says folks repeat what they hear. Don’t you love the truth? Change your destiny by changing your language. I have been enthralled with this realization. She inquires and asks the poignant question, “What are you feeding on?” And if I were to piggy back on that thought, my question to you would be: “What dialogues do you entertain with yourself and others? Friends, never mind the grammar, it’s good gospel ain’t it?

 Dr. Trimm says, we can download success into our day! So if we get in the mindset that we can decree doom, guess what? It will unfold! Imagine cultivating dread, pandemonium and being assured that and expecting it will springboard and blossom! It’s in our conversations, thinking, and actions! But the flip side is we have the power to manifest positive outcomes, decree and build formidable lives with wonderfully great outcomes. Thank you Holy Ghost I am grasping this now. And Lord knows I want to jump up and down, because emotions have been the ruler over much of my conversations. But, today I am praising God for deliverance! Don’t tell me that listening to sage, anointed advice and reading scripture won’t usher you to higher heights! So here it is friends, if I think better of myself and apply these truths, God will bring it to past!

Transformation is vital for our life and generations to come. We must select our choices. What’s your preference? Living or dying? I entreat you to choose life, it’s on the tip of your tongues. It made sense that Paula White and Cindy Trimm are encouraging us to tape record our conversations! Many of us think that’s ridiculous, but what I am sure Paula’s revelation is really reinforcing us to stop and begin to listen to our own words. These words are spoken often with no regard for the impact that they’ll have on us, our situations and circumstances. So if the words have hindered us and entrapped us, we ought to desire a shift, not to give in to the demonic forces that entrap us!

 Let’s begin to break the pattern of negativity! Whatever I bound in heaven and earth is loosed and bound! I must take authority halt victim thinking and fix my thoughts.

As Dr. Trimm says, “Press your ears to the word of God.” Come on and get hungry! Where’s your appetite for God’s truths: that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, created for such a time as this! No every day is not going to be blissful, but there’s no need to sit crouched in the dark room, shades drawn, awaiting the fall!

 We aren’t abandoned, but instead blessed and exonerated by His loving kindness and grace. We’re not thrown away-God is faithful. He is our banner, our strong tower, our help, our deliverer! He is Jehovah-nissi (“Jehovah is my banner,” Ex. 17: 15, suggestive of triumph), Jehovah-shalom (“the Lord is peace,” Judges 6: 24), Jehovah-shamah (“Jehovah is present,” Ezek. 48: 35), Jehovah-tisidkenu (“Jehovah is righteous,” Jere. 23: 6), and Jehovah-Jireh (“Jehovah will provide,” Gen. 22: 14).

We can dismantle the architectural design of the enemy! It starts with our speech!

 The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

 Audibly speak these words found in Prayer Book by Christian word.org I declare God, the battle is already won. God is removing the enemy. AFFIRMATIONS II*

 I declare that my God will take care of the enemy that has come against what God has ordained for me.

I declare that my God is preserving me for what he has ordained for me.

I declare that we have won the Victory!

I believe God has sent His Word and it will not return void.

 I declare that God has finally anointed us to do His will.

 I declare that God has given us Divine healing and Divine Life.

I expect the Victory that Jesus has won the Victory for us on the cross. God’s Favor and Blessings are on me today.

 I expect God’s Mercy and Grace on me today.

 I expect God’s Favor on me today.

 I expect God to extend my life to the next rapture.

I declare that God is going to give me supernatural increase till the next rapture.

I will live and not die, but declare the Works of the Lord

 I declare that God’s Favor is on me, that He has given me His Strength, Wisdom, Blessings, and Peace .

I expect God’s blessings in my life today.

 I believe God has given me His Abundant Life.

* A declaration outside the Will of God is witchcraft.

 * Declarations only work if we are in right-standing with the Lord Resource: http://www.christianword.org/prayer_book/PrayersBook10a.pdf

Come on now let’s breathe and worship God for his awakening that his holy presence lives, moves and operates freely in each of us! I must turn my words into ladders, rungs if you will that elevate me to possibility and prosperity thinking, not just for the material benefits but to be a spiritual trailblazer feasting on the knowledge to who I am and allow that spill into empowering language. Decree and declare friends!!!

Thank you Jesus Christ! Expressing Thanksgiving and Joy! Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly & Empower Magazine Columnist and Inspirational Author of: The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine http://blessednessofbelieving.blogspot.com



Success At The Foul Line

Success At The Foul Line


Young man of Great Character!

Amazing, Allen Geui!

Often when I read something regarding scripture and history, I realize how much I’ve yet to learn! Good thing I am generally eager and hungry to learn more! I love interesting facts and am especially appreciative of those folks that love spouting little known facts and entertain us with those by the way conversations. The moment that revelation hits,  I envision my brain being like computer circuit board or better yet a tiny bud restored with the droplets of a new found, refreshing shower of rain! It’s time to contemplate new information, new thinking, brand spanking new information.   I am sure that there’s a fascinating reaction occurring, growth and nourishment are partnering for new found sustenance. That’s what I imagine folks! And so when I read this commentary regarding Luke 6:38 my spirit was marveling in an Ah ha moment!

Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

Good measure – They shall give you good measure, or “full” measure.

Pressed down – As figs or grapes might be, and thus many more might be put into the measure.

Shaken together – To make it more compact, and thus to give more.

Running over – So full that the measure would overflow.

Shall men give – This is said to be the reward of “giving” to the poor and needy; and the meaning is that   the man who is liberal will find others liberal to him in dealing with them, and when he is also in circumstances of want. A man who is himself kind to the poor – who has that “character” established – will find many who are ready to help “him”  abundantly when he is in want…

Into your bosom – That is, to you. The word “bosom” here has reference to a custom among Oriental nations  of making the bosom or front part of their garments large, so that articles could be carried in them, answering the purpose of our pockets. Compare Exodus 4:6-7; Proverbs 6:27; Ruth 3:15.

Reference re: << Luke 6:38 >> Barnes’ Notes on the Bible- Biblos , http://bible.cc/luke/6-38.htm

This scripture and the commentary are connecting beautifully with one of the kindest gestures I know and that is to share.  So there we have it, in our bosoms, our pockets, purses we can give and receive. Give what? Carry what? Provide what you ask?  Let me start by sharing an observation and asking you this question first? Can you imagine forking over 40k?   Yes, no not 40 dollars or 40 cents! But, giving $40,000? In this day and time with economic hardship lounging in our family rooms,  kicked back wearing our beloved overrun slippers! True we may not have that kind of money at our disposal but don’t let giving hinder that. Well many folks do it daily and don’t blink. It’s a known fact, that there are givers who enjoy doing so and are always encouraging others to jump on the band wagon. Collectively they galvanize their friends, create streams of giving, stroke checks or jump start foundations and off they go.Can you imagine in your best life having enough to share, no fanfare, just giving because it feels like the right thing to do? We are hard pressed on many days agonizing on how we’ll pay our electric bills and soaring cell phone bills. But whether we are clutching our purses or squeezing our hands tight change does happen. Just possibly not on our clocks. So if we embrace that philosophy we can give out of our need. What does the scripture encourage us to do:

“Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure–

pressed down, shaken together and running over. For by your standard of measure

it will be measured to you in return.”

Luke 6:38

You’ve heard spread the wealth and pass the potatoes. Ok I am being silly, but I believe that the importance of giving forward initiates that act. It becomes natural and like a domino effect.


Thank you Lord for one of the finest examples I recently learned of by way of the Compton Basketball star Allen Geui who dazzled his team mates, onlookers and others during a foul shooting contest that was designed to spark community support and provide college scholarships.


The contest’s creator’s intention was created to simply shine a positive light on Compton’s High School and dispel the negativity  felt regarding Compton’s youth and culture! Google his name and this  link: http://highschool.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1237085  to learn about his star basketball shot! This young man will cause you to appreciate all the more the concept of carrying  plenty in your bosom and not withholding generosity to impact the lives of others for the good! So here we have it Allen Geui at the foul line, about to make a historic shot and change the complexion and dimension of true grit and character! He’s my designated poster person for CHARACTER!


Swish and there it is, no ordinary shot, no average basketball player! The successful basket is electrifying- the crowd is cheering,  the arena is erupting, the media is buzzing, camera’s flashing, college recruiter’s high fiving and the relatives beaming  and friends shouting with pride! Let’s not omit the oversized reward check earmarked for the winner! It was well earned  and Allen Geui’s for the taking. ( No haters need apply!) But the moment doesn’t conclude there! It wasn’t just about singing all the way to the bank. Instead of coveting this moment- the realization must have been birthed in his spirit to  embrace another possibility!  Out of his boom moment, his resolve, flowed a wealth of opportunities to carve out a  new path and stamp his signature on a new letterhead.

In a single moment and with a remarkable decision, the flood gates erupted and I am convinced heaven was applauding! I am not sure who ignited the compassion and heart for giving in Allen Geui; I am not sure if he fully contemplated the significance of his amazing generosity. But the evidence of it was clear with his insight to give, give what many of his classmates needed which was more than lip service about partnerships and team camaraderie; it was cash to attend their selected colleges!

Months after Geui collected his college scholarship winnings of $40,000, he wowed the contestants, several of which where his team mates by providing them with his total winnings.


Who does that! Oh my Lord doesn’t that just send chills down your spine?  He realized that his teammates desired to also attend college and many of them hadn’t received scholarships and were in need of the funds. No dollars, no college! He changed that! Talking about giving it forward – and men shall give unto your bosom. This occurrence is indeed awe inspiring, it smacks of the biblical era of pouring into the pouch, the bosom of another and  the recipient receiving the king’s reward, an overflow of the bounty! What an outstanding gift, both tangible and intangible. Allen’s giving will have a ripple effect for generations of Compton students to come! And I pray the world!

This young man has already received a college scholarship and I would not be surprised if this is just the tip of the iceberg for him. As the sower he’ll continue to reap a reward of magnitude proportions. His giving swells and spills over and touches countless others too many to know and too important to fathom. Just the act of standing at the foul line and including other contestants shouts winner! Let’s rally around this team captain! So the question remains, give what you ask? I say very easily- give your time, talent and certainly a few dollars to the almighty cause wouldn’t hurt! Just ask Allen he’s a young man with character and lots of ingenuity!


Thank you Lord for the game changers in our lives that see beyond themselves reach into their pouches and  encourage us by their acts of giving to strive, live, to dream and to never ever abandon hope for our best days are in front of us! Often they give what we have no means of. Thank you Lord that they felt the tug on their hearts, provided the essential resources for our good! Remind us Lord to follow your lead and will, when it’s our turn to step forward  to the foul line and make  life changing baskets. We endeavor to begin living with greater hearts, integrity and  intentions of giving forward. Thank you for Lord for your marvelous love and your word that reminds us that: However, as it is written:  “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” – 1 Corinthians 2:9

We give all honor and glory to you and in your son Christ Jesus’ Name! Amen!


Sharing With Great Joy,

Linda Mose Meadows, Urban Views Weekly & Empower Magazine Columnist and Inspirational Author of:

The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises and Co-publisher of Eyes of Faith Magazine




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