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Photographer Don Snyder has beautifully captured Chappelle Letman’s creative essence in this picture!

“When there is no where else to turn, turn inward. Enter into the sacred silence of your soul and ask for healing, guidance and personal peace. ” Michaiel Bovenes (born 1963); Spiritual Empowerment Teacher, Professional Speaker

I am very pleased to introduce you to an outstanding man. He’s an amazing person that I am elated to call friend: Chappelle Letman. Our initial introduction occured when I was selected to become a contributing journalist for The International Review of African American Art. I quickly learned that this sculptor and visual artist was no ordinary man. Literally he walks by faith. This Spring 2010 Edition of The International Review of African American Art will include a glimpse Chappelle Letman and feature one of his select pieces of sculpture. I wanted to do more. I felt the urgency that there must be another way that would allow me to further contribute and share with others about this phenomenal artist. Values.com provided the perfect venue to share what my heart wished to convey about Chappelle’s humor, joy of living and deep abiding faith in God.

When viewing his art and conversing with him, it is evident that his inner vision and resolve push him to persevere as a visually challenged in a “sighted” world. What’s better than a billboard on the information highway-the internet? Values.com, Foundations For a Better Life is an inspirational website-one of my favorites which allows all of us to create an inspirational community billboard! ( Enjoy creating a billboard also! On the Home page, click on the red banner CREATE YOUR OWN BILLBOARD.) I knew of just the right photo of Chappelle. I contacted Greg McGrath at The Cleveland Sight Center, sharing my endeavors and then Don Snyder of Don Snyder Photography, Inc. requesting his permission for my use of his photos of Mr. Letman.

God answered my prayers; Mr. McGrath was enthusiastic about my project and Mr. Snyder graciously consented for my use of his Letman photos-for that I am grateful! And then I got busy creating!  The Holy Ghost spoke to my heart and here’s what I entitled the billboard and was prompted to write:

Chappelle Letman: A remarkable sculptor with eyes of faith.



“Mr. Chappelle Letman is a 21st century master sculptor, a true renaissance artist. Prior to losing his vision permanently in 1992 he worked in construction to supplement his income, this artist loved painting with oils which depicted nature scenes, cityscapes and people. Eight years later transitioning into a new reality of being visually challenged wasn’t necessarily easy for him. Mr. Letman recalled his loving mother’s promptings to excel and live his best life. She instilled wisdom and a sound work ethic which he continually exhibits. His spirit conveyed, “Don’t panic, have faith.” This life lesson carries over when he humbly encourages young artists challenged visually and physically to express themselves and not live by other’s dictates. He echoes, “Stay alert and use your instincts.” He uses his own words of wisdom which have prepared him for independence and creative expression. He’s surely humble, but no shrinking violet. His life skills coupled with California’s Sight Center instrumental instructions regarding technology devices and visual aids helped Chappelle Letman live life with dignity. His heart is open to God’s leading and his hands become the instrument for his creative expression which have been captured by the photographer Don Snyder. Art and healing is a phenomenal partnership. Chappelle Letman’s life is evidence that healing can occur if we remain open to what God reveals in our inner visions. He receives support and is in partnership with organizations that promote independence for the visually impaired: the Ohio Arts Council, the Cleveland Sight Center and Kentucky‘s American Printing House.”

We celebrate your inner vision Chappelle, your creative energy and most assuredly thank God for you beating the odds as you continually encourage our hearts!

Expressing Thanksgiving & Joy!

Linda Mose Meadows, Author & Inspirational Columnist:

The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises



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