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The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was

when one asked me what I thought,

and attended to my answer.” 

—Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862); philosopher, writer, naturalist 




I really appreciate Thoreau’s quote and immediately connected his words with the event held Saturday, August 8th at Precious Memories Bookstore (Richmond, VA).  I believe Thoreau’s quote applies especially to those passionate writers and book lovers that assembled; ask them to reflect and share their writings and their answers are heard in literary works. Pen to paper and now fingers to key boards are the tools that birth amazing literature.


This was a celebratory afternoon of high energy  sage advice, networking and earnest accounts of an author’s vision.

Her vision of a book club, bringing passionate readers together was good. But then other endeavors evolved. These activities are continually ballooning-happenings like other writers being mentored to spur their literary dreams on!  


author b



 Who is this blessed author reaping the rewards and celebrating a 1st anniversary for her dedication to her calling?

bc memebers

Lin Lin

Singer Marketing

It’s Nikkea Smithers; who displays exuberance and a love for others.  Her energy and creativity are nonstop (i.e. YouTube, Readers With Attitude Book Club, Essence Readers Best Sellers List, Author & Poetess). Her circle of friends extends to many. The honored authors for this occasion were Ndea B. and Brain W. Smith.

We gathered with the mission of celebrating a momentous milestone for Readers with Attitudes Book Club. Friends take note of what Charles Stanley calls a Possibility Thinker! I thanked God that I was a witness and so pleased to be present, listening to Nikkea and the Readers With Attitude’s many accomplishments which occurred in a year’s time. Oh what a difference a day, a week, a month and finally a year can make. Someone sings that?


 It’s really true that all that happens in a span of time challenges and stretches us in ways we would have never fathomed, Nikkea attested to that. While Nikkea was realizing her publishing dreams, the book club was also experiencing literary success. God is at work in their life and yours as well.  What a blessing! Happy Anniversary Nikkea and Readers With Attitude!

 Shared With Great JOY!

Linda Mose Meadows, Columnist and Inspirational author of:

The Blessedness of Believing

A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises (Tate Publishing, Nov. 2007).



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