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Outstanding Photography by Matt McClure

A cheerful heart is good medicine.
Proverbs 17:22
Friends, do you need a change of pace, some new scenery? Well, while you are contemplating your next get-away for summer vacation, that long awaited annual cruise, (if your budget can stand it), the Spring community garden walking tour, or a week stayvacation; I encourage you to first revisit and enjoy Matt McClure’s photos and travel with him around the world to several marvelous destinations today! Imagine the opportunity to travel to another country in the middle of your worday? No need to stay huddled over those spread sheets and pages of reports, or grabbing that laundry basket. Just for a moment free yourself before you commence that next task, that conference call, or addressing those items on your to-do- list. I beleive the eyes of your soul yearns for a new view!
God has blessed Matt and he’s willing to share his awesome phototgraphs!
Come, allow him to share this treat with you! Willingly follow Matt McClure who’s been to several exciting continents and met many extraodinary people. His lense has caught the beauty and essence of these people, their cultures and home land. This adventure costs you nothing. Delight in this hassle free traveling- it’s a mental sojourn and it’s good for your health. Breathe and relish in what’s before your eyes. I warn you , you may just get lost in Peru, Switzerland and Ghana! Oh let’s not omit Burkino Faso. Yes indeed your spirit will feel lighter!
Matt appreciation is an understatement- I can’t thank you enough for your heartfelt generosity!
Joyfully Sharing:
Linda Mose Meadows, Author
The Blessedness of Believing
A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises

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