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“…I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving and

tell of all thy wondorous works.”

Ps 26:7 KJV

Much to surprise my camera’s batteries were weak and finally died only after I just taken a few pictures. Yes, I was truly disappointed. So my friends, my pictures are only the tip of the iceberg with providing you an accurate visual of the day’s activites. Kudos to the founder of The National Christian Writers’ Conference, Ms. Renee Bobb (http://www.reneebob.com/) who provided an extraordinary serive for not only those aspiring to become writers, but those published authors seeking more knowledge about the mutli-facted book business/publishing industry on September 20, 2008.
This was my a first for me, being in the company of so many writers, authors and guru’s of the publishing business. I believe that although each conference attendee was on an assignment- a divine mission to either promote, share knowlege, glean or simply be encouraged to hold fast to their God given dream(s) or vision(s)-the common denominator for all was sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and attesting to our Lord’s consistant goodness.

I was again assured in my spirit that prayer and faith in God are the covering-the essential ingredients for realizing our dreams. I had wisdom enough to understand that I was truly blessed that my steps had been ordered to attend this conference and be exposed to such an anointed group of people.

Here are a few of the resources and anointed individuals that Renee Bobb invited (i.e. editors, authors, entreprenuers, marketing experts, consultants, producers/directors- with ministries that edify and build up others) THAT ARE ENCOURAGING ALL OF US TO CONTINUE TO EMBRACE OUR HEART’S DESIRE THROUGH THIS RESOUNDING THEME OF: “IT’S TIME TO TELL YOUR STORY!”

You may wish to reference their sites and/or contact them:

Leroy C. Mckenzie, Jr.http://www.jesusneverfails.com/

Francine Humpreys http://www.marcinedesigns.com/

Cheryl Lacey Donovanhttp://www.avirtuouswoman-31.org/

Eugene Williams, Jr. M.Ed.-http://www.wiseducators.com/

Reginal O. Johns Reginaldjohns@hotmail.com

Dwayne M. Clemmons http://www.rudmc.org/

Earle Williamshttp://www.drearle.com/

Keep the dream alive! Have a great day my friends!

Joyfully Submitted by:

Linda Mose Meadows, author

The Blessedness of Believing

A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lesson’s and God’s Promises

Enjoy other writings:
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  1. Nicole Cleveland said:

    My sweet, sweet Linda. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you.

    Thank you so much for putting a plug in for Breathe Again Magazine.

    Stay Blessed

    Nicole Cleveland
    Chief Editor & Founder

  2. I couldn’t help but share this wonderful resource that promotes healing for the soul!! Great work Nicole!! This is an awesome magazine!

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