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If you have had the chance to read my book I am sure by now you have an opinion about it. The Blessedness of Believing reaches into my soul and pulls forth the untouchable grace of God. Immeasurable is the word and it is nothing compared to the glory that shall be revealed in each of us. Share with me your thoughts. Enjoy, embrace and enable God to bless you.

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  1. Vera Richardson said:

    Friend, your book is so amazing. During my journey thus far (I am on page 71)I feel the love and the joy of the living God.
    As I purchased the second copy from you on September 6th I mentioned the fact that I knew that I was suppose to purchase more than one book. I now wish that I had purchased five copies because the book is that “Good”. I mailed the second book to my daughter Julieannah today September 8th, after informing her that it would bless her mind and soul.
    I have voiced this sentiment to everyone that I have talked to since I started my journey in The Blessedness of Believing. My youngest daughter and good friend asked me why I didn’t purchase copies of the book for them since it is so “Good”. In fact my friend Jennifer just called me as I was typing this comment. She called to tell me that she ordered the book from the publisher’s website and that she will buy more books as gifts after she reads it.
    I would recommend this book to everyone. I truly believe that this book will blessed the reader in the same manner as the “Purpose Driven Life.” This book will encourage and help Chistians to grow closer to being more like Jesus.

  2. Linda and Richard
    I am truly being blessed through your sharing of your life journeys. I pray that you continue to write again and again. It is an inspiration to me,my family,my sunday school class and my co-workers. I am looking forward to your next book. You both know how much I love and adore you.
    May God continue to strengthen and bless you as you bless others.
    Emily Land

  3. Jackie Blackett said:

    When trying to decide if I want to read a new book, I leaf through the pages and know immediately if the book is for me. Well, the first few pages caught my eye with the smooth (personal) writing style. I knew right away that many would be blessed by reading “The Blessedness of Believing”. Additionally, when a book is good I want to savor every page so I’m reading it daily. I get excited when I see the hand of God working in the lives of his children. Can’t wait for the next day’s reading. Much Love to the both of you!

  4. Donna Darrell said:

    Dear Sister Linda, As I read the entries in your beautiful devotional book, I can imagine us sitting together in a bookstore, drinking coffee (me, not you!) and chatting about what God has done and continues to do in our lives. It is a blessing! My own experiences and memories come to me as I read about yours and I thank God for the way He uses women like you to encourage us all. Thanks for sharing who you are! Donna

  5. Juliette Harris said:

    She writes with great ease, clarity and ebullience about her life’s journey. She shares an imitimate glimpse into her spiritual walk, everyday work and family. Throughout these trials, she brings a light touch and deep reverence. Readers will find inspiration in her journey.

  6. Jackie Poe said:

    I was blessed just tonight to read an excerpt from your book via computer. I plan to purchase a copy as soon as possible so that I can read it in its entirety. I am proud of you two and prouder still to call you my friends. I am looking forward to some good reading. Thank you for sending me th e update. God continue to bless you both.
    Jackie Poe

  7. God Bless you more and more Linda and Richard. Linda thank you for answering the call to pen your life’s journey for others to be blessed. You have a great ministry of encouragement. The words of inspiration in your book have increased my motivation to always strive for excellence and no matter what NEVER GIVE UP! Toni

  8. Being an avid reader and educator, I have read numerous books on various levels and themes, but never before have I read such a book of richness and the love of the Father. With great tapestry and giftedness, God has used you to weave His love and grace to millions of readers through your book. As I finished my daily Bible devotions this morning, I grabbed The Blessedness of Believing…this morning I opened the book to “Called”…oh, what a morning. I can only say that the love of God jumps off the page and instantly connects to the readers’ heart and soul. There is an essence of “grace”…that we really are all accepted and that there is so much more that God wants us to experience…as I read through each page. Thank you, Linda for following your dreams and never giving up. For we have waited for such a work of art to enrich our lives and escort us beyond ourselves.

  9. Sheila Reed said:

    First Lady Meadows, I thank God for giving you such a sweet vision as this one. It has been a real blessing for getting me back on the right track. Continue to let God use you and Rickey. Much Love for you.

    Sheila Reed

  10. Marion Shakir said:

    My Dear Sistah Linda, I thank you so much for your obedience. I know God inspired you to write this book. I don’t know how much sacrifice and hard work it took, but I can assure you it is a balm for the wounds and broken places. Your words are soothing and comfort like a warm hug. I love you and thank you for who you are and the love you show. Your Christ likeness is a blessing.

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