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Comments on: ""Celebrate" 2nd Book Signing" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    WOW! I am in awe of the Spirit of excellence that’s on you and your awesome blog. It literally took my breath away. You’ve put an awful lot of time in creating this master piece. You also did an excellent job in posting my web address. mary kay is not in capital letters, it’s all small letters ok. Thank you in advance. We have a lip stick challenge in Mary Kay until Feb. 29th to sell 63 lipsticks. I think I’ve sold about 6-10, please help me out and like I said you will get your products free. Keep in touch. I hope tp have lunch with you sometime when you’re free. May God’s best be yours always, Love ya Connie C. Russell

  2. You have been a blessing to us and our ministry, your book has truly uplifted my wife and others in the Fellowship. Continue to allow God to use you as He sees fit. There is truly a blessedness in believing. May the peace of God continue to reign in you and through you, may you be consumed with His glory.

    Katherine & Anthony Brown

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